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What's The Backstory?

You know how there are days when your life is moving along but you aren't really going anywhere? Have you ever been just coasting along, minding your own business and out of nowhere, God redirects your steps toward something you never saw coming?


This book will let you know you're not alone and give you very practical steps to navigate the chaos and uncertainty of knowing what to do next.


If you are tired of wandering around not sure what to do, take some time to read Chasing Donkeys and see how God is using all of your circumstances to direct you to something much different than you could ever think or imagine. This four step process will help you move toward His plan, not away from it.


The fear of wasting your life and the many opportunities has to be stronger than the fear of what might happen if you obey. There's more to gain than you would ever lose.


The good news is you're just a few hours away from learning the simple four-step process to begin gaining clarity around where God is leading you and what He's capable of with a life that is fully surrendered to Him. 

You can hear me share more on the I Say All of That to Say This podcast. Click HERE...

In chapter 16 of Chasing Donkeys, I share a concept called The Purpose Puzzle. It's where we look at the answer to "What is my purpose in life?". This answer can be found in four key components and then answering four questions about yourself. I created a workbook to help readers work through a process of considering how God has equipped them to serve and make the most of their lives, thus beginning to find their God-given purpose. Use this FREE workbook to help you begin this journey for yourself.

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Bible Reading Plans


Take a day by day journey through the key principles found in Chasing Donkeys. These 5-day plans offer you the opportunity to digest bite-sized portions with scripture to support. You can also invite friends to join you and share your responses with each other on the app. (click the images to go to the plans.)

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Small Group Bundle

Order 4 or more copies, send me a copy of your receipt, and receive the Small Group Discussion / Personal Application Guide (FREE!)

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My Story

Dwayne Morris lives in upstate South Carolina with his wife, Angela. They have three kids who are almost all "grown and gone" across the US.  Dwayne's "day job," for the past 25+ years has been serving the families of First Baptist North Spartanburg in Spartanburg, SC.


Adjacent to that role, Dwayne also serves as the Assistant Director for Faith for Fathers, a nonprofit organization that strives to make dads the "rockstars" of their families. In addition to this, Dwayne engages individuals and corporations as a Leadership Guide toward healthy cultures that build leaders worth following.

My Books

Chasing Donkeys

The Outrageous Life

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"From NASCAR teams to personal stories all the way back to a young man, who would become King, chasing his Father’s donkeys. My friend Dwayne Morris has used real stories and real people to examine and explain what the donkey in our lives might look like. Dwayne's ability to draw you into the story will keep your interest as he uses everyday events and scripture to show how God has always worked His plan in our lives. 


 When I first sat down with Dwayne and we started reading over this material, my first thought was “Wow, there are so many truths here that will be so applicable in my role at the Ranch”, the more I read, the more I realized that not only will this be applicable for others, it is very applicable on a personal level.

 Chasing Donkeys puts you in the middle of these stories and shows you how God is in control of every situation and how he is working His plan for your good."



Chaplain, Hope Remains Ranch

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